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I live in Spain where one of the traditional dishes is a simple lentil soup with vegetables and meat. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s a very savory and nourishing dish. The typical Spanish way of cooking lentils usually includes a bit of “chorizo”, a kind of cured meat which adds a very special taste. It might also be a small trick parents use to get their children to eat vegetables.

Legumes are a staple in the diet of many Mediterranean cultures. Lentils, chickpeas and fava beans originally came from regions in the middle east, whereas the common bean, scientifically…

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Today there plenty of expensive supplements, products, and trends to improve mental health, but what simple, free, and effective things can we do?

Any kind of mental health issue can be complex and usually, it requires that we tackle it from a variety of angles. However, sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful for our health.

These tips are easy to implement, which doesn’t mean they will change you in a day. They require a bit of patience and perseverance for them to work. It’s as if you were introducing these subtle but deep changes in your body, and…

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About a year ago, I was walking back home and I saw a man selling jars of honey on the street. I saw some kinds I had never tried, such as oak and heather honey, so I bought a couple. I was intrigued by the beautiful dark colors. When I tried them at home I absolutely loved them and I bought other kinds, such as thyme and rosemary honey. Now I use honey almost every day, either in my oatmeal or a hot beverage.

What is honey?

Honey is a substance made by bees from the nectar of flowers and…

Frank Shearer water skiing. Photo by

Blue zones are areas on the planet with the highest number of centenarians. People in these areas reach and live past 100, and they do it with a surprisingly good quality of health. The stories one hears from people in the blue zones are quite surprising. In Loma Linda, California, Frank Shearer still likes to hop on his water skis once a week. At the time of the picture, he was 99. He says he has always stayed very active, practicing all kinds of sports year-round.

The first blue zone to be discovered and studied was the island of Sardinia…

Since 2004, journalist and explorer Dan Buettner has been studying the longest lived populations in the world. These people live in areas demographers have named “blue zones”. In such places, people tend to live exceptionally long lives, many living past 100. They also enjoy impressive health and vitality until a ripe old age.

The stories of the individuals that Buettner has met through his travels are surprising and inspiring. There’s Frank Shearer, who water skis at the age of 99, or Marge Jetton, who at 100 begins every single day with a good dose of exercise. A few of the…

One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk in nature. There is something about moving through a forest, breathing the fresh air, and listening to the sound of birds and trees. By focusing on the outside environment, our senses start to awaken. We notice a beautiful flower by the side of the path, the fresh morning air, or the twisted shape of the trunk of a tree, bending like the torso of a dancer.

These days, on my morning walks, I have been admiring the beautiful flowers of almond trees, which have just bloomed all around…

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